LDPI is Growing! New Tech Center


Due to the growth of all of their subsidiaries, Plank Enterprises, Inc. has purchased another building and LDPI, Inc. will be moving to the new facility by year’s end, 2014. This 35,000 square foot facility with ample room for future growth potential is approximately 9 miles from home headquarters and will allow LDPI to assemble the new LED products in a controlled and conditioned space - very important in the semi-conductor (LED) field. This facility will house the LDPI lighting laboratory, showroom, all engineering, sales and customer service functions as well as all assembly functions. Raw manufacturing (metal preparation, welding, machining, and finishing will be accomplished at our Anderson Drive (headquarters) facility allowing the new facility to maintain extreme cleanliness. LDPI is very excited about the move and looks forward to “needing” to expand in the near future. www.ldpi-inc.com

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