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Plank Enterprises is parent to trusted and capable companies that supply an impressive array of specialized products.
Below is a brief overview of the many solutions we're ready to provide.

  • Custom-designed and standard raised work platforms
  • Made-to-order personnel and equipment lifts
  • Material-handling and transfer equipment
  • Lighting systems for use in paint/powder booths, commercial, industrial, wet, marine, harsh, hazardous and clean-room applications
  • Precision-machined manufacturing parts and components

LPI Personnel Lifts and Aerial Work Platforms

LPI, Inc.
4404 Anderson Drive
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703 USA

Phone: (715) 839-8280
Toll Free: (800) 657-6956
Fax: (715) 839-8647

LPI Inc. Lift systems taking workers, equipment and safety to higher levels.

LPI is a custom manufacturer of personnel lifts, scissor lifts, fall-protection and work platforms for a variety of industrial applications and facility maintenance. LPI's in-house engineering team, working directly with your staff, can design custom equipment based on your needs and specifications. We operate on a grand scale when needed, producing lift platforms that rise to great heights, span considerable lengths and handle impressive weight loads.

  • Multi-axis lifts for multidirectional movement and precise positioning
  • Scissor lifts available with manual, steerable/drivable or track-guided positioning
    to provide economical access for most process operations
  • Personnel lifts (manual and self-propelled) with operating heights to 12.5 m (41 feet)
  • Custom conversions — LPI's relationships with a number of manufacturers allow us to customize and convert specific products to meet your unique needs

Power options include fully pneumatic, pneumatic/mechanical, pneumatic/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic, and electric/mechanical. Technical support, parts and supplies are all readily available for LPI lift systems.

Industries and applications served by LPI include:

Agricultural machinery
Appliance manufacturing
Assembly lines
Automotive manufacturing & repair
Building construction & repair
Chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing
Clean rooms
Construction equipment
Defense equipment, military vehicles
Electrical equipment, transformers, enclosures
Fiber optic draw towers
Machinery manufacturing
Metal & metalworking

Mining equipment
Paint manufacturing
Paint & powder booths
Petroleum & gas
Power plants
Printing facilities
Rail cars, locomotives, equipment
Ship building & repair
Storage tank manufacturing
Transit - maintenance facilities
Travel trailer, coach
Truck & bus body manufacturing

Ergonomic Lifting Systems. Productive Solutions.
To learn more about LPI Lift Systems, visit us online at: http://www.lpi-inc.com

229 task industrial lighting 240 front access industrial fixture 380 explosion proof lighting single fixture task cart
Custom Personnel Lifts Multi Axis Lifts Scissor Lifts Large Scale Lifting

LDPI Lighting

LDPI, Inc.
4404 Anderson Drive
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
54703 USA

Phone: (715) 839-9585
Toll Free: (800) 854-0021
Fax: (715) 839-8145

LDPI, Inc.  Specialty Lighting for hazardous locations and unique applications.

LDPI provides commercial lighting solutions designed for high performance and safety in multiple industrial, commercial and environmental applications.

Specialized fixtures are available for use in wet, harsh, hazardous and cleanroom applications, including:

  • Task/industrial systems
  • Explosion-proof lighting
  • Paint booth illumination
  • Wet/damp environments
  • Marine applications
  • H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge) lighting
  • Vapor/dust-proof fixtures
  • Inspection stations
  • LED Lighting
  • And more

To learn more about LDPI, visit us online at: http://www.ldpi-inc.com

229 task industrial lighting 240 front access industrial fixture single fixture task cart 380 explosion proof lighting xp cart paintbooth lighting
Task Lighting Industrial Lighting Task Carts Explosion Proof Lighting Explosion Proof Carts Paint Booth Lighting

Pro~Cise: Machining, Tooling, and Molding Services

Pro~Cise, Inc.
4404 Anderson Drive
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
54703 USA

Phone: (715) 839-0497
Fax: (715) 839-8647

Pro~Cise, Inc.  Precision machining for manufacturing industries.

Pro~Cise is a builder of precision components for manufacturing processes.

Utilizing ultra-modern CNC turning and machining centers, state-of-the-art CAD and CAM software, and complementary equipment, Pro~Cise can accept almost any type of computer graphics file, or a sample of your artwork, then scale it up or down and manipulate the geometry to produce a cost-effective, high-quality prototype or end product.

Pro~Cise can design and follow through with mold design construction, eliminating much of the "in between" time found with other manufacturers.

To learn more about Pro~Cise, visit us online at: http://www.pro-cise.com

production part cmm prototypes sprockets bits

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